10 Day Shamanic Medicine wheel retreat in Boliva – Amazon Rainforest

15th September – 24th September 2024 Now SOLD OUT

15th September – 24th September 2025 Spaces available

What’s the purpose of this 10 day shamanic amazon retreat?

This FULL power Shamanic retreat will get you fully tuned with your mind, body, and soul as we connect into the heart of the amazon basin. Each day we will invoke teachings to allow you to connect into the different realms of the mind, soul and body. You will understand that Avatar is not a film, it’s a documentary! Creating new pathways of connection with support from your Spirit Guides, Power Animals and Angels.

This truly is a life changing experience that you may only experience once in a lifetime! As I teach you how to connect with your higher self, you will connect deeply with your core, inner senses, and intuition. While discovering how to invoke power from mother earth, I will teach you how to listen and communicate with the lands, animals, and plant people that will allow you to not just live on mother earth but truly live within her!

It is time to become the true spiritual being you were born to be, to remove the limits that others gave you and to find your creator vibration. You’ve felt the calling of great power, you know and feel the potential and energies you own and its more than you’ve ever imagined. Now let’s learn to unlock this inspiring magical vibration you’ve brought to earth and reshape history before it played out. Join me to become a leader of consciousness!

How will it help you?

Many of us struggle with the daily tasks of life. Perhaps waking and leaving the comfort of our warm duvet in the morning can feel like an arboreous task due to the stress and anxiety of the daily routines.  Perhaps you’re struggling with finding the right partner, friends, issues with work colleagues, and it seems you keep attracting more!

I will be offering several daily exercises for you to become aware of the shadow parts of the mind and develop communication with your team in the spirit world. The subconscious mind’s purpose is to create a survival plan. Being in a constant state of fear limits your vibration and your vibration attracts. You need to become in control of you vibration to master life. I will show you how to become a high vibrational being and live life as you should and as you deserve!

You’ll learn how to shamanic journey into each of the different worlds and I’ll show you how to open the portals of possibilities. This will allow you to speak directly with your spirit team and receive guidance and healing! Everything we do in this retreat will be empowering and life changing. I will help you to re-ignite that excitement for life and its adventures! You will have a new perspective on life and become proactive with your approach. Many of us live our lives within the subconscious mind meaning we are reactive to life situations and never truly in our own power, but this retreat aims to teach you how to navigate life in a new and fulfilling way! 

What is the purpose of ceremony? 

Our retreat is focused on the shamanic medicine wheel and each ceremony will invoke the spirits of the East, South, West, North, Father Sky, and Mother earth. All directions offer teachings and sacred medicine. These powerful shamanic ceremonies will cleanse the mind and soul. We have all the answers we are seeking inside of ourselves and these ceremonies will help you to uncover these and invoke your inner power!

We will be working with master plant medicines. These beautiful shamanic master medicines will open the heart and help remove past stories. Each ceremony is an offering from myself to you to give you the opportunity to experience a true shamanic ceremony within a sacred safe space. You will feel our ancestors and helping spirits offering their care and unconditional love. Each ceremony will truly empower you and give you the drive to find happiness in every area of your life, some will stop you taking life for granted and find happiness in every area of living, breathing and being. You will be guided to quieten that inner monkey mind allowing you to find peace at last! 

What do I expect from you?

During your 10-day shamanic amazon retreat we are beautifully focused on reconnecting with your authentic true self and allowing you to feel part of a community that’s within the heart. It’s vital during your stay that you allow me to guide you into being open and stepping into your fears in a safe environment. I have led hundreds of souls with my techniques and always with incredible results. Please remember everyone that joins this retreat is looking for an experience and teachings that can’t be forgotten they become more than knowledge, they become knowing! I ask that you join this community with an open heart and mind to help you make connections and grow a new tribe of fellow high vibration beings.

Rooms options –

With rooms you have an option of sharing a cabin on the lake front with two single beds or solo cabin with a double bed. Each cabin is provided with a flushing toilet and running shower.

We do have an option of the permaculture cabin which hold space for 4 shared beds,

You will be given a water dispenser at the start of your retreat and bedding will be changed during your stay. Washing can be done if needed mid retreat. Mosquito nets are provided.

Please see below photos of the lake cabins.

Permaculture cabins, off lake front

Services included

Pre – arrival support   

Collection from hotel – Details below

All access

All inclusive (local foods and cooked onsite by a local family)

Boat trip down the amazon river

Jungle hikes

Subject to staff – free yoga confirmed closer to date

Plant medicine ceremony 3x

Self Investment exchange,

How can we truly put a price on changing your life and a bucket list trip to the amazon rainforest – but I’ve done the best! This investment will give you more than financial return, it will give you a payback in happiness, empowerment, and opportunities!

Each place sold I offer a donation to this beautiful charity that is supporting the community and protecting this part of the amazon rainforest.

The following prices are early bird until February 2025 –

Solo lake cabin 1 Double bed – £2500 2 available

Shared lake cabin 2 Single beds – £1600

Permaculture shared cabin 4 beds – £1375

How to get here,

We recommend that guests fly into Santa Cruz (VVI) and take a connecting flight to Riberalta with the airline Ecojet (www.ecojet.com.bo).  We ask you to please plan on arriving to Riberalta one day early (14th September). We recommend you stay here  https://www.hoteljomali.com/ This is around $35 for the night and gives you a chance to settle in after the journey and get a feel for this small town. We will pick you up the morning of the 15th September and transport you through the rain forest to the retreat centre which is about 1 hour away.

Ecojet’s online checkout system doesn’t always work from abroad. If you have any issues purchasing your connecting flight, please let us know your itinerary and we will figure out your connecting flight together. This is a low-cost flight.

You will need to show a vaccination card to enter Bolivia, or you need take a covid test no more than 72 hours before your original departure.  You are also required to show health insurance that covers Covid related illness. If you are traveling on a UK passport, you can get the tourist visa on arrival at no cost.

Once you have secured your place you will be added into the whatsapp group where you can arrange to travel with others as you arrange your flights if you wish.

Please be aware spaces are limited. 

Please be aware spaces are limited. 

Payment Terms,

You are welcome to pay for your retreat in full, or non-refundable deposit of 50%. The final payment is required prior to your stay by the 30th June 2024. You are also welcome to pay monthly until this date. I now also have the option of PayPal Credit (terms and conditions apply) so that you can enjoy your retreat and pay over the next 3 – 24months! Please be aware there will be a fee to use this option due to PayPal fees.

Retreat preparations,

Once you have confirmed your place for this retreat, I will email you the full preparations for your trip. There is limited electricity, phone signal & no Wi-Fi. We are expecting weather of 21 -33 degrees and as this will be the dry season there will be far less mosquitos.

Terms and condonations,

Refunds are only available if the event is cancelled.   

Half payment must be made to secure your place unless using paypal credit as this will be paid in full.

Flights are not included.

Transport from hotel is included.

You agree to only bring and use natural products with you.

You agree to pay the remaining balance by 30th June 2024 as if not, you may lose your place for this retreat.

If you choose the shared cabin or permaculture cabin you may need to share with 1 other guest.

Any questions please do not hesitate to ask. 

Here’s what others say about my medicine, these are real people and real results!

Alicia –

The Shamanic Plant Medicine 12-hour Journeying Experience was intense on Friday & Saturday! Had to fast for 37 hours in total, too …The Luna Eclipse in Scorpio  played a massive role. 

My inner journey was amazing!  Was crying my eyes out at one point  through the realisations. Couldn’t believe what I was seeing  – we are surrounded by our Ancestors, Spirit Guides & Angles!  All working on our behalf!  I have even more actual proof, than ever!

Since that night, some deep seated/rooted stuff has been shifted …programmed beliefs, traumatic memories, grief & loss etc.

My mind feels freer than ever!    

The process highlighted what needed to be changed within, so I’m able to experience more peace, joy & harmony!

Thank you Ryan (The Heart Shaman) Check out Ryan’s page and up & coming events; definitely recommend  

Dan –

After struggling with health anxiety for many years and with little to no success from months of therapy and prescription medication, I reached out to Ryan with a degree of scepticism but an open mind.

After a lengthy conversation, it was clear that Ryan was very passionate and knowledgeable about his craft, so I decided to join him for a night of shamanic rituals and exercises.

It’s fair to say I am now a true believer, and no exaggeration that my first session with Ryan did more for me than all the therapy and medication combined. It has also introduced me to many wonderful people and helped me to be more content with life as a whole.

If you’re on the fence or unsure whether shamanism is for you, just reach out and Ryan will guide you every step of the way. If you’re like me, it will be one of the best decisions you make!

Ellen – 

Ryan – The Heart Shaman is a truly wonderful, humble, gifted man – willing to share his knowledge to help heal others. He is teaching me to listen and to work on healing myself. I have been attending 1-1 sessions for 2 months now and my life has already taken a new direction. The set up he has is welcoming, beautiful, private and very comfortable. The energy is amazing there too. I have also attended a workshop with a group of people in a bell tent. It was a truly amazing experience to share with a group of people I’ve never met.  Thank you, Ryan, from the bottom of my heart.



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