Shamanic heart Cacao ceremony

Apr 28

Join us for a powerful and truly heart opening shamanic Cacao ceremony!

When and Where?

Date and time

Friday, April 28 · 7 – 10pm BST


Mind Body Lab Kings Road Calf Heath WV10 7DU

About this event

6 hours

Investment £60

Hello and welcome to a truly Heart Opening and soul awakening Cacao Ceremony.

Join my self Ryan known as – The Heart Shaman, for a Sacred Evening Cacao Ceremony.

Allow your souls light to shine and energise as we call in the sacred directions of Mother Earth and father sky. We will be enchanted in shamanic ecstatic dance with father fire as he holds his wisdom and power bringing in healing and wisdom. Estatic dance is a beautiful way to express your body and release energy within the body. Allowing your heart to open and help with stress, anxiety and much more!

We will invoke an ancient spiritual practice of shamanic journeying, as we embark into one of the shamanic worlds for inner guidance on the 28th April at 7 pm – 9:30 pm in a heart warming space at Mind Body Lab

Together we will sit, dance and lay in a safe, sacred circle called in from our hearts. Connecting consciously with the wise and loving spirit of mother cacao to open our hearts space and connect us to our inner compass.

Mother Cacao is a truly magical plant medicine which helps to connect to inner the self, relaxing the body, opening the heart and balancing the nervous system.

Mother Cacao is full of beneficial ingredients, like magnesium, vitamins and antioxidants allowing the natural release of serotonin relieving us of the inner chatter, flowing in our true state. Allow mother cacao to relax your muscles and the tissues, increasing blood flow, helping to lower blood pressure of daily stress and increases the amount of oxygen flowing in the body allowing your mind to become clearer.

Mother Cacao is proven for her effect with our Neurotransmitters and neuromodulators

Mother Cacao contains the neurotransmitters serotonin, tryptophan and dopamine which elaxes the muscles and the tissues, increases the blood flow, lowers the blood pressure and increases the amount of oxygen

We truly welcome you into scared space and ask for you to be open hearted on this powerful evening of ceremony allowing your essence to shine.

Much love and respect,

White spirit, Ryan – The Heart Shaman

Address –

Mind body Lab

Kings road,

Calf heath,

Wolverhampton, wv10 7du

£35 each – you can avoid costs and book directly with myself.



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