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Life started with both worlds still intact

Hello, I am Ryan, white spirit, also known as The Heart Shaman. I am a full time shamanic practitioner and shamanic mentor across the Uk

My journey of shamanic initiations started the moment I left mothers womb. It’s believed that shamans are chosen by spirit and are usually tested by a near death experience. I entered into this world with a difficult birth. I was rushed away from my mother, life less and not conscious as in entered into this world. I have been on the shamanic path all my life with many great teachings I’ve learnt along the way through my dreams and connections with the world around me.

My shamanic doorway fully opened when I travelled to the Amazon rainforest in Bolivia. I have worked with a number of plant medicines over the years the main being mother Ayahuasca. I offer a range of shamanic healings, workshops, rattle birthing ceremony and much more. My teachings over these years have changed my life and will change yours as it has for so many others.

The healing I offer is in partnership with the unseen world and works on the physical body as well as the emotional and spiritual body. I work with a number of helping spirits that offer their healing, expertise and power through my work. I look forward to meeting you,

Much love and respect,

Ryan White Spirit  

Ellen Bennett (Apprentice)

Ellen started her spiritual journey when she was a teen. Whilst other her age were discussing back street boys Ellen was working with crystals, tarot and meditation CDs.

When Ellen was told she had to now get ‘a real’ job. She put all those things down, and at that point her life spiralled. She battled with disordered eating and alcohol for over a decade until she discovered 12 step programmes and rediscovered her spirituality. She has been in recovery from disordered eating and alcohol for 13yrs, but would occasionally still suffer with intrusive food and alcohol thoughts and depression. Knowledge and spirituality was the answer for her along with the desire to help others. Ellen went on to qualify as a dietitian and is currently working on various research projects for her PhD including meta-analysis of food related interventions with spiritual and religious elements. The results of this meta-analysis will be published in 2024, but the results are promising in favour of spirituality. Other research projects have been piloting Food Addiction interventions to provide the NHS support to those feeling food addicted.

Since then Ellen has become an apprentice of Ryan where she continues to learn and develop Shamanic skills and practices and bring in her own experiences and medicine along the way. Ellen hopes to help others open to shamanism, recover from disordered eating and addiction.



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