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Hello and welcome,

I invite you to join us to embark into this powerful day in a beautiful Mongolian Yurt! Please check out the video below at the bottom of the page

Invoking your soul to come forward to reveal your inner truths in this beautiful workshop – Path Of The Soul. We will be doing a number of shamanic journeys into the different worlds using our breath and awareness to see your past lives and also using technics of psychic readings on your soul allowing you to understand your souls traits. If you’ve ever wondered why you recognise places without being there or perhaps you remember faces of others and not sure wh. I can assure you this day will provide you with the answers of who you really as you fully embody your soul.

The layout of the day is as follows,

10 am Open ceremony

Lunch 1pm till 1:35pm

4pm Close shamanic ceremony

My name is Ryan and I am a UK Shamanic practitioner and shamanic mentor. I have been on my shamanic path all my life. It’s believed that in shamanism a near death experience, allows you to be more open to the gifts of spirit but I believe that everyone has the gifts if open to it. I was in fact in a difficult brith and rushed away from my mother as I had stopped breathing. My experiences started from a young age, as many of us we fear it and close down as we get older but spirit had a different idea for me. My life since then has never been the same and has become so fulfilling and beautiful.

What is shamanism? Shamanism it is one of the oldest forms of spiritual practice know. It is based on personal experience and isn’t something that can be achieved through simply reading books. Shamanism is more of a way of life and being one with the world and the unseen world. It is understood that we can only see 0.0035% of visible light which means we don’t even see 1% of what’s really happening in our world!

During this workshop we will be doing a number of shamanic journeys for self Discovery and creating a powerful and meaningful connection with our allies. What is a shamanic journey? Shamanic journey allows us to travel to the different planes of consciousness to learn and bring back knowledge for ourselves or others. Here we can meet our helping spirits and guides. We can enter states that allow us to perhaps remote view locations. As once our ancestors did to find food.

Groups are led by myself but are in no means like a traditional class where you listen to Solely myself. This allows us all to be open and learn from one another. Your free to ask any questions and bring your own input.

I Look forward to meeting you and please feel free to message me if you have any questions.

Much love and respect,




Hello and welcome!

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